Friday, February 27, 2009

New Scarf!

I finished Jason's scarf, but I didn't think to get a picture of him in it. I've asked his fiance to get one for me, so hopefully I'll be posting that soon.
Onto current projects! I've started my Ballet Lace Scarf with handdyed, handspun yarn from The Vildish Twist. I love this yarn and I'm really loving this scarf. I can't wait to finish it and block it so the pattern will really pop.
I have also started gauge swatches for a baby dress for a pregnant friend and a shrug for me.
Finally! Photo news! I haven't posted much in the way of pictures lately because I took a film class last semester and it doesn't lend itself well to blogging. This semester we are taking Photoshop and I'm so happy to get back to digital. I just haven't had much time to take any pictures, but this weekend Chris & I are going to hit the Blossom Trail! I'm excited. Hopefully we'll get some neat shots.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blog updates and half a scarf

I updated my blog header and added a new feature on the sidebar! I can now show my progress on my latest knitting projects.
I am halfway done with my brother's Naughty/Nice scarf. I have three other people who have requested this scarf, but I'm going to space them out over the next few months.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Change of Focus

I've decided to slightly change the focus of this blog. The name & address will remain the same, because they still apply but it won't only be photos. I'm going to expand it to encompass all my hobbies. Which at the moment includes photography, knitting and...okay so just two.

I'll update the header eventually, maybe this weekend. In the meantime, knitting! I made Chris a hat. It's huge. I made it the largest size shown because well...he has a big head. But the hat is massive. Probably because I used size 6 needles instead of size 5. Opps.

I have lots of projects in the works! Right now I am about half way through my brother's scarf. Then I am going to make myself a scarf from gorgeous handdyed and handspun yarn The Vildish Twist on Etsy. Then I have alapaca yarn to make myself a nice shrug. In the works, is a hat for my sister. The yarn is a custom spinning order. Then it's on to my harf! Both made from gorgeous handdyed & spun yarn from The Vildish Twist. I'm so excited!

Oh yeah and all my brother's friends want scarves like his. It's got a stripper on it. Pictures to be posted as soon as I finish.